One Click AI Article Writer App – Review

⚠️ If you are looking for an AI Article Writer Tool, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re looking for a new way to generate content for your blog or website, check out It’s a new AI-powered article writing tool that promises to make the process of creating content easier and faster than ever before. I decided to put to the test to see if it lives up to its claims. Here’s my review of the service generated by this awesome AI Article Writer itself.

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Introduction is a tool that can help you create content for your website quickly and easily. Just pick a keyword, and the tool will generate an article for you. You can also choose to spin the article if you want to create different versions of it.

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What is is a content generation tool built by Digimetriq that uses artificial intelligence to generate articles on a variety of topics. This powerful AI article writer is designed to be used by bloggers or anyone who needs content for their website or blog.

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How does an AI Article Writer work?

Once you have the keyword or topic that you want to write about, just click the “Generate Content” button. The software will then go to work researching and writing your article for you.

You can also enter a URL of an existing article that you want to rewrite, and the software will automatically generate a new, unique version for you. Once your article is generated, you can make edits to it if you wish or simply publish it as-is. 

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AI Article Writer Features
AI Article Writer Features

Features is a WordPress plugin that creates content for you with the help of AI. It curates articles from reputable sources and spins them into new and unique versions.

  • Grammatically Correct
  • On Page SEO
  • Dripfeed
  • Niche Confidentiality
  • Tailored Packages
  • Regular Updates

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Do Your Keyword Research

Before you can start writing your content, you need to do your research. This is especially important if you’re targeting a particular keyword or phrase.

Make sure that you’re using the right keyword in the right way; otherwise, you could be wasting your time and effort.

There are different ways to do keyword research. You can use a tool like Google AdWords Keyword Planner, which is free to use. Or you can use paid tools like Market Samurai.

Whichever method you choose, make sure that you’re taking the time to do your research properly.

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AI Article Writer
AI Article Writer

AI Article Writing

Are you looking for a plugin or a tool to help you write articles? may be a good option for you. This AI article writer uses artificial intelligence to help you write articles quickly and easily.

Here are some of the features of

  • One-click article writing: With, you can write an article with just one click.
  • High-quality articles: writes high-quality articles that are engaging and informative. The artificial intelligence technology used by the tool ensures that your articles are free of errors and are well-written. –
  • Fast and easy: Writing an article with is fast and easy. You can have an article written in just a few minutes, and there is no need to hire a human writer.

If you are after a tool that helps you write better articles quickly and easily, may be the right option for you.

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Scheduling and Posting plugin let you schedule when you want your articles posted on your site. You can choose to post them all at once or spread them out over a period of time. You can also choose to have the articles posted on a specific day of the week or month.

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If you are looking for a content writing solution that is both affordable and effective, is definitely worth considering. For just $19 per month, you get access to an AI article writer that can create human-readable content for your website or blog.

AI Article Writer – Free Trial

With, you can get a free trial that allows you to test out the features of the platform before you commit to paying for it. This is a great way to see if the software is right for you and your needs.


$0/ month
  • SEO Title Generator
  • SEO Meta Description Generator
  • Article Outline/ Headings Generator
  • 1-Click Article Generation

AI Article Writer – Paid Plans


$19/ month
  • For Light-weight Users
  • 20 Articles
  • Access to all features


$49/ month
  • For Regular Users
  • 60 Articles
  • Access to all features


$99/ month
  • For Freelancers & Bloggers
  • 150 Articles
  • Access to all features


$599$249/ month
  • For Agencies
  • First 50 Subscribers Only
  • Access to all features
  • Unlimited*
  • *FUP 1000 Articles

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A killer AI to automate your writing
A killer AI to automate your writing

AI Article Writer – Pros and Cons


There are some definite pros to using, especially if you are looking to generate a lot of content quickly and easily. Some of the main pros include:

  • It’s very easy to use, even if you’re not a tech-savvy person. Just enter your keywords, and the software will do the rest.
  • It’s very affordable. If you compare it to other similar AI article writers on the web, you’ll see that it’s quite reasonably priced.
  • It generates high-quality content. The articles sound natural, and they are well researched.
  • You can use it for multiple projects. There is no limit to the number of blogs or websites you can populate with this software.


Some minor editing may required

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AI Article Writer – Conclusion

Overall, we were really impressed with and what it can do. It’s a great tool for anyone who wants to get started with content creation or for those who want to free up their time by outsourcing content creation to AI.

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