SpaceHey Review – The MySpace Clone You Are Gonna Love ❤️

⚠️ If you were a MySpace Addict back in the day and wondering why so many people are joining SpaceHey, you’ve come to the right place.

Last Updated on January 23, 2021

SpaceHey is a friendly online space for you and your friends! Create your Profile, send and receive messages, upload Pictures, create Groups and much more… all for free!

An – Creator of SpaceHey

Have you ever considered ditching social media completely? Have you ever read about famous celebrities who don’t use any social media and wondered how they even exist? 

If you feel that you are not strong enough to do that, I don’t blame you. Being on social media has become the default of our times. Nowadays, no one asks you if you’re on social media, because everyone is. Unless you’re an outlier.

Or you’re just an average guy, like the one in this video.

You do not have to become anti-social, but you should scrutinise your online presence and digital footprints. If you have ever found yourself reminiscing about the “old days of the internet” nostalgically, rest assured that you are not alone.

Due to his tender age of 18, the newest social media platform’s creator has never experienced anything “back in the old days”, but it spiked his interest. With the help of older friends and a ton of research, he managed to create the clone version of Myspace from 2007 to honour the feeling of the web in the first decade of the 21st century.

Without a doubt, Myspace is a platform to remember 😌👏

A website with more than 250 million users in the United States alone in its heyday. It also became the most visited one, overtaking Google for a while. It has had a significant influence on technology and music. Founded in 2003, Myspace soon grew to be a tremendous force in music hosting right before Spotify has taken over.

MySpace Tom

MySpace was so much more than a networking site in the early 2000s. Users could add music, video, graphics and crazy-weird layout schemes. This “you can do whatever” attitude was a huge draw for teenagers and young adults.

SpaceHey seems to offer you everything you have been missing since the time of MySpace. Here are seven reasons why you should sign up straight away.

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Travel back in time with SpaceHey… literally ✅

First of all, you should go by your gut feelings and emotions. Thinking of the ‘old days’ of the internet fills us up with mostly good feelings. In your busy life, you are craving a simpler life that might start with creating your profile.

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Familiar but still refreshing 👌

Let’s face it; Facebook’s original purpose is long dead. Although its user interface is miles ahead of MySpace or SpaceHey, it simply looks ugly and you have no chance to make changes of your profile appearance.

SpaceHey encourages its users to customise their profiles using basic HTML tags or inline CSS. You do not need to get scared. It merely means that you can use custom fonts, colours and background images while creating your profile just like you used to do with MySpace. It is particularly refreshing as other platforms that don’t let users tweak their profiles at all.

Custom SpaceHey Profile
Custom SpaceHey Profile

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SpaceHey is less addictive 👏

Thanks to SpaceHey’s old-school approach, you enjoy an experience that might be unimaginable for younger millennials who have already friended, followed and subscribed to everyone they care to know. These youngsters become addicted to their mobile phones due to their fear of missing out on anything appearing on social media and consequently their fear of being left behind by their peers.

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Simply simpler ✅

Have you ever paid any attention to the crowded sidebar on Facebook? The information is overloaded in your nonsensical newsfeed, the whole site looks messy and out of date. Despite all, you may decide time to time to write a simple post. It feels like you are bombarded with a multitude of options piled on top of each other.

The alluring “What’s on your mind?” becomes a tedious task as you decide whether you want to tag a friend, attach a photo or share your feelings and activities. If you think it’s over, you are far from the truth! Do you want to include a GIF, change the background colour, ask for recommendations or start a live stream while financially supporting a charity?

SpaceHey is a friendly online space where social networking is simple. You create your customised profile with the possibility of writing your own blog and listing your hobbies. Sending and receiving messages, uploading pictures are just a couple of all the features SpaceHey has.

SpaceHey a space for friends
SpaceHey a space for friends

The website’s menu offers straightforward options including the well-known Browse, Search, Blog and Bulletins. The Forum and the Music Charts are also available and ready to use along with the Favourites for anyone who has already signed up. Some of the features are still in the making such as Invites, Groups and Videos etc, but should all go live very soon.

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Your profile is YOURS ☝️

SpaceHey managed to hold on to the simplicity of the early days of the social web. Your profile is YOURS, and you do whatever you want with it… literally. Back in the MySpace days, I have always found amusing how people transformed their profiles with little or zero coding background. It is time to have some fun again and show the world who you are through your custom profile.

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No more pressure 🚫

A breath of fresh air… you will not find news feeds, and you will definitely not feel the pressure to create the perfect holiday pictures with the matching post sprinkled with cute emojis. No pressure to post for likes, to show how perfect your life is with your perfect little family. No more scrolling through the proofs of your so-called friends’ picture-perfect life stories enviously.

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Join the SpaceHey tribe and watch it grow 😊

As the similarity between MySpace and SpaceHey is undoubted, the more than 43000 of the new users can only hope that it will become more and more popular and not be forced to change the platform in the future.

Are you ready to create your profile? Don’t be shy… just like Tom, An (the creator of the site) will befriend you automatically after creating your own profile.

You all have a SpaceHey day! 😊

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